What does a circled after 18khge mean?

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What does a circled after 18khge mean?. Do You Mrs or Mr own this kind of problem?, If yes then please read the best tips right after below:

A gold ring has 18khge then an a circled what does it mean


Answers for this question:


Gold 925 is a percentage of how much of the gold is pure. In this case, 925 means that 92.5 percent of the gold is pure. The rest is another metal, such as silver. Normally, D stands for designer of the ring.


Numbers `925` with a manufacturer serial `SE`which is stamped, engrave, or etched inside a ring band normally means the Carat weight of the ring. The “925” figures found engraved on your ring means the it has 925 carats.


Usually “k” on a piece of golden jewelry means karat, so in your case it is probably an 18 karat gold ring- as for the circled A, it`s probably just branding from the jeweler it came from. hope this helps. : )


It means using a power byke to make a circle by going in the cirle or round direction for a long time.


This red circles with numbers inside of it are voice mails. It will stay until you change your carrier.