What does gp means in text messaging?

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What does gp means in text messaging?. Do You Mrs or Mr own that kind of question?, If do then plz read the solution right after below:

What does you are a gp mean texting


Answers for this question:

It could be a chat slang for: just because or for no reason. But the best thing to do is to ask the sender again about the message to clarify it.


It could been a mistake and meant a different word, or it could have been a mess up and meant to type something like tbh—to be honest—or depending on the rest of the text and where it is used at, the person may have been saying something like —– thats because—-ask them…..usually they`ll tell you and people are less likely to be mad or whatever because you asked…Plus, you`d rather know then pulling BS out of the air thinking you know what they`re talking about then the person not wanting to talk because they think you don`t know anything….best wishes.


You can always ask the person what does it mean about “xx” if you shy to do try to send xx too and make fun until they will say what is that.. it can be a typo error or erase something..just don`t bother as long its not “XXX”.


It means best friends. the “s” is what gives it away because it making it plural. I doubt they are saying boyfriends who would want that much headache. :-)


I have been doing this `xx` and `xoxo` in chat messages and text messages. XX or X means kisses. while xoxo means kisses and hugs.

Hope this helps.


It could be plural of `bf,` therefore `boyfriends`.
Or other meanings, depending on context.


If i am not mistaken. X` s ,mean kisses. like x and o`s mean hugs and kisses. the x represents the kisses and the o` represent the hugs.


Go to “settings” then “sounds” then “text tone” to change it to what you want or you can just put your phone on vibrate.


Most people interpret it as hugs and kisses. Even me thats the first thing that comes into my mind when I see it.


Best Friends :) boyfriends sounds too weird unless whoever was texting you made a mistake.