What does the yellow arrow mean next to a message in my inbox?

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What does the yellow arrow mean next to a message in my inbox?. Are You sir and mam own that kind of inquiry?, If do then plz found the tips right after below:\r\n

Gmail question – in my inbox, what does a yellow arrow mean?


Answers for this question:

The yellow arrow means send.


It means that you are the one who sent him a message and if there`s a conversation between you and your friend it means that you replied to your friend. Notice that if your friend is the one who sent you the message first or you have not replied to his message yet, the arrow does not show.


Hi! yes, even if you deleted it in your inbox, the recipient will still be able to read it because the message is already sent and stored in the recipients messages. Good Luck!!


Yes, because you only delete it on your account not on their acccount, every messages that you send will be recorded to facebook system and there`s no way you can delete it.