What is Apple iPhone IOS Error 53?

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iphone error 53

What is Apple iPhone IOS Error 53? – IndieTech.my.id, Unknown Error 53 appeared because Apple blocks your iPhone if you have repaired your iphone using third parties service.

Begins to be famous an error in the iPhone 6 and 6s blocking the phone if it is detected that has been repaired by a third party and not by authorized Apple service

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Begins to appear on the Internet more users have seen their iPhone is locked with a strange error. Mobile, when ignited, prompted to connect to iTunes via USB cable, iTunes doing so shows a screen with the message “The iPhone could not be restored. There was an unknown error (53) “.

It seems that this iphone error 53 is directly related to home repairs or made by unofficial shops repairing this equipment. Since the arrival of iOS 9, certain iPhone are able to detect that a component of the mobile has been replaced by another, namely the start button also makes fingerprint reader.

This Ios “Error 53” appears to reassemble the computer and attempt to turn on mobile from the iPhone 5s, the first model with this fingerprint.

The strange thing is that apple error 53 only appears when this button has been replaced by a store or a person unrelated to Apple. That is, the case with no official Apple stores or service centers not certified by the company. In other words, if you have changed the button at a neighborhood store makes repairs, there is a possibility that the reassembling this error.

Also found replacements display cases that result in the same error.

If you have changed the button but still can not upgrade to iOS 9, this continues to function normally, but at the time that the new version is updated, it stops functioning.

All indications are that this is a system created by Apple to prevent iPhone users settle their phones with parties other than officials. Although we must be in a very desperate situation to fix / fingerprint button with a piece that is not official (remember that the reader unlocks sensitive items such as Apple Pay having your credit card). This itself can create more problems when it comes to change broken screens, one of the most common defects of the iPhone when they fall.

If your phone is under warranty, at an Apple Store You might change the screen free, though not in all cases. In addition, there are no official Apple stores in every city, making it more understandable to change in unofficial and cheaper shops. In any case we remind you that in addition to Apple stores, there are many providers authorized by Apple, which also use official parts of the brand and are backed by her services.

iphone error 53

Apple has responded to the doubts that have arisen with this Unknown iphone “Error 53”. According to the company, this error is a security system Touch ID, the fingerprint of the iPhone, as we mentioned above.

We take very seriously the safety of our customers and apple Error 53 is the result of security procedures designed to protect the customer. iOS verifies that the Touch ID sensor on your iPhone or iPad up to the other components of your device. If IOS is not applicable and the check fails, Touch ID, used for apple pay, is disabled. This security measure is necessary to protect your device and prevent fraudulent use of the Touch ID sensor. If a customer encounters iPhone Error 53, we encourage you to contact the customer service of Apple.

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