What is call barring code calls for chip 18765503346?

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What is call barring code calls for chip 18765503346?. Are You sir own that kind of inquiry?, If do then plz read the good soution right after this line:

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Hi, heres the way to resolve you problem.Here are the steps on how to cancell call barring.You can select settings for call barring on your phone.

1. Find “Voice call”
•Press Applications.
•Press Settings.
•Press Call settings.
•Press Additional settings.
•Press Call barring.
•Press Voice call.

2. Cancel all call barrings
•Press each of the following options:
•All outgoing calls
•Int`l calls
•Int`l calls except home
•All incoming calls
•Incoming when roaming
•Key in your barring password (default is 0000), and press OK.
•When the box next to the menu item is empty, call barring is turned off.
•Repeat until all call barrings have been turned off.

3. Exit
•Press the Home key to return to standby mode.


Turn call barring on or off

You can block certain types of calls such as incoming calls when you`re abroad.

1. Find “Call barring settings”
2. Select barring option
If you select Outgoing international roaming, no international calls can be made, but you can still call home when you`re abroad.
If you select Incoming calls when roaming, you can`t receive incoming calls when you take your phone abroad. Incoming calls will be rejected by the network and the call won`t go through.
3. Turn call barring on or off
4. Return to the home screen.


Forgot my barring password and become illegl name how can i reset my call barring now all my incoming calls are blocked my mobile is samsung wave? I just made barring call password by mistake in my sumsung wave tried to un lock it could not now its telling me each time i try that its illegl name can not get any income calls when i call my mobile from other phones its just ringing from the other side but have nothing on mine so would you please help me to reset my password in call barring in sumsung wave.


Reset your phone settings to factory settings. If U stl cnt get any incoming calls. Then I suggest you call you service provider they will surely assist you frm Their side if u.


It actually depends on the mobile phone that you are using. Pls comment back your phone brand and model number here so that the experts here can help you more.


Call your service provider, they may be able to help. as it my be a network problem.