What is DHCP in networking and where they use it?

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What is DHCP in networking and where they use it?. Are You sir own this kind of problem?, If do then please check the good answer right after this line:\r\n

What is DHCP in networking and where they use it.


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Are you getting an error message aside from not getting a DHCP IP Address? One possible reason if the device is not online because it is not successfully connected to the network. And since you are connecting to a wifi network, it should grab a valid IP address. Check if there are other wifi devices on the network that can go online now. If they are online, reboot your phone, forget-remove and reconnect to wifi network. If still not getting an IP, you can set static IP in range with the IP of other devices.


DCHP error come in a network connection abnormality, Try to forget the connection you have then reboot the phone. if the problem still persist I would like to advise you to set up a Static IP on your Kindle device.

To set up a static IP connection:
1 Go to Wireless Connectivuty.
2 Tap Wi-Fi, then Join Other Network
3 tap Show advanced options
4 Look for Static
5 Fill out the required fields, and then tap Save button.


Hello! There could be 2 reasons why the “networking error” appear, first is that the same profile that you are viewing had deactivated his/her facebook or vice versa he/she blocked you from his/her facebook account. Hope that helps! :-)


DhCP is a protocol allowing computer network cards to ask for an IP address (andf other TCP/IP parameters) to be attributed by a specific server. It allows computers to conect to (various) networks without having to be configured specifically for them, everything being dynamic.


Hi, turn off your wifi in your kindle. Then reset your router by using a small pin or a paper clip.Find a small hole in your router ( it is the reset button ), and use the pin or paper clip to reset it.Then open again or turn on the wifi of your kindle. hope this helps.


Learn some basic networks here,,

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Dhcp is only used to set IP adreses. Router must be set to Gateway, its on main page of router settings.