What is mean E3 in westpoint aircondition?

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What is mean E3 in westpoint aircondition?. Do You mate own that kind of inquiry?, If do then please get the solution right after below:\r\n

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You may follow this format for request of service from home office:

January 01, 2013

Mr. Juan Cruz
Asset and Repairs Managmenent
ABC Company
NY City, USA

Dear Sir,

Good day.

I would like to request for a new air conditioner for our office at DEF City, USA.

The unit has been bought 7 years ago and fails every month costing us a lot of repairs.

Please let us know what needs to be done.

Carlos Miguel.


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Marjhone Casas

If the unit is for your purpose. you can list the need for the same and how it helps productivity, then request the higher officials to consider this favourably so that you are able to avoid many issues.


Look for West point service centres at your nearest or call any certified local Ac dealer from the net.


You can go to google search, I found that and used that for my job offer last month..


Just talk to her, however, dont b needy, at least dont show your excitement.


Buy a new one they should ost like 10 dollars.