What is pairing code of Asianet TV?

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What is pairing code of Asianet TV?. Do You mam & sir has this kind of inquiry?, If yes then plz get the best tips below this line:

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The default pairing code i for BT device(s) is 0000, or 1234…
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Turn on Bluetooth in your device and make it notice and pair.
Turn on Bluetooth on your Galaxy SII by proceeding to:
->Settings -> Wireless and network -> Bluetooth Settings.
Hit and check the box next to Bluetooth.
Once Bluetooth is activated on the your unit it will function and discover other Bluetooth devices and its coverage.
Seeing the device that you want the Samsung Galaxy to connect, you hit it and wait a few seconds and so enter the password (PIN) on your device. The common default codes are 00000, 0000 and lastly 1234.
The Galaxy and your SATNAV should now be connected. If you are prompt to use the DNX5280bt navigation then you may take hold your address book and other uses.

Bluetooth can also be accessed quickly for turning on and off through the Home menu. Simply pulling down the Notification screen and Bluetooth icon appears, click it for turning Bluetooth on and off.


On the Home screen, click the connections area at the top of the screen, or click the Manage Connections icon.
Click Bluetooth Connections > Add New Device > Search.
Click a Bluetooth enabled device.
If necessary, do one of the following:
If the Bluetooth enabled device does not have a keyboard (for example, a wireless headset), on your BlackBerry device, type the pairing passkey that either appears on the Bluetooth enabled device or is provided in the documentation that came with the Bluetooth enabled device. The passkey is most often a numeric or alphanumeric code.
If the Bluetooth enabled device has a keyboard (for example, a laptop), type a pairing passkey of your choice on both devices.


We love to be of service to you.
We need to gather more details from you so we may be able to help you.
Please explain more what do we mean by pairing code since I have not yet encountered a “pairing code” with Canon Pixma 410.
Also, please indicate your device and OS so we may be able to assist you further.

We are glad to be of help!


If you successfully paired it in your PC then it should work. Sometimes you need to select your beats a s your speaker manually on the sound volume settings.

– Go to control panel
– Go to sound
– Go to playback tab and select your Beats

Now try if the sound will work on your beats.


The Bluetooth pairing code for an HP Officejet 100 is 000000 . When it asks for the pairing code, just enter that number and printing will commence.


You have to provide your pairing code before your transfer files it ask you to put pairing code to pair the device.


Ok. type in 1234 and go to the other Bluetooth device and type in 1234 and click OK. everything is solved.


Plz i want unlock code network of my phone galaxy Q T589R , IMEI 357752046488651. Can you help me plz ?


Call your provider. They may be able to provide a proper fix for your problem.


I think you have to contact your cable operator..