What is selena gomezs facetime number?

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What is selena gomezs facetime number?. Are You sir and mam has this kind of question?, If do then plz found the best answer below this line:\r\n

I want to know so that i can mabey face time her because i am one of her biggest fans

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Answers for this question:

Hi there! Unfortunately, celebrities contact details are not published over the net. But try to write Selene Gomez a letter to catch her attention. This is her fanmail address:

Selena Gomez
c/o The Disney Channel
3800 Alameda Ave.
Burbank, California 91505.


It`s impossible to get her number because she`s so famous.You can follow her on twitter and be updated.You can send her tweets and hope that she will see it and retweet it=) here is here twitter profile .


Sorry I cannot give you the facetime address of celebrities or any particular person unless she gives it publicly. We need to respect their right to privacy even if they are celebrities. Visit her website for more details about her and follow her on twitter .


Well name8339310, u probably have to be a celeb to talk to one and her fan # is a # she really might answer. hope it helps.


It has not been proven that the kik that is online actually is the real Selena Gomez. They say that is Selena`s kik is @selenagomez.


If anyone knew this, they wouldnt give it out im sure.