What is the answer to level 382 for four pictures one word?

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What is the answer to level 382 for four pictures one word?. Do You mam has that kind of inquiry?, If do then plz get the good soution below:\r\n

Four pictures one word level 382 answer


Answers for this question:

Please provide us with the details, such as given jumbled letters, description of the images, and how many letters do we need to the answer. If you replied back with the details, it will be much more easier to answer with accuracy. Please reply. Thanks!


What`s the answer for level 239 on 4 pictures 1 word its a 5 letter word using e j g t q g s j e a a a it has a picture of the weeks of an embryo.

The answer is “STAGE”.


Base on your given clues the answer for this is the 8 letters word, “HOMEMADE”.

Homemade is the answer because those described pictures are foods that are made at home.


The answer you are looking for is COSTUME. From what I have imagine, all of those pictures are wearing some Indian costumes.


Base from my experience playing it. I`m very sure the answer is “OIL”.

Hope it helps.


What`s the word for loaded burger gyros quiche and potatoes chips vdseotrsaqy 5 letter word I`m so stuck.


The word you are looking for is “TRIP”

Let me know if it doesn`t work.


Hi! Please don`t forget to tell ask all the clues and letters. Thank you and happy day!


The answer is “MONARCH”.