What is the decs code in northern samar department of education?

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What is the decs code in northern samar department of education?. Do You sir & mam has this kind of problem?, If do then plz read the good answer right after below:

I`am asking for the decs division code of northern samar department of education?

Halud Joe

Answers for this question:

The result for the HST can be found on the link below:

You will need your Roll number to view the result. You call them from their helpline numbers which you may also find from the link above.


They are entitled to your tax return if you are in default of your student loans. It doesn`t matter whether or not they were sold to a private company or bank. The same rules apply….

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Either the teller doesn`t have the correct knowledge about the website, or the website is having technical problems. Maybe try again later or contact a different teller.


The only thing I would like to ask you mam/sir is how may I help you? Do you have any more question and can you please help me understand your question?


It means whether it is English or math, or what area you want to specifically work in.


Please first write the name of your country and name of your educational institution.


Go to the school where you have enrolled. inquire to the office.