What is the flower icon on my iPad mean?

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What is the flower icon on my iPad mean?. Do You Mrs or Mr own that kind of question?, If do then please get the good tips right after this line:

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The online flower shop may have to put a charge for their services on top of the amount they pay for the flowers and driver. In general these services are feeding leads to local shops anyway. I would suggest in general they would have to be more expensive just by the very nature that they need to make money to operate. Having said that you may be viewing a site for a local flower company online where no mark up would need to be applied since they are running their own business. So in the end the answer to the question is trickier than it would first appear.


You have to save those icon, All you have to do is to Select and copy the icon. From the menu select edit auto text menu>>new. Name the icon next to replace. After that paste icon next to “WITH”, lastly save it.

Note: in a conversation you just need to type it and it will appear when u press enter.


It`s not the case in the US. Almost florists in the US charge the same price or maybe higher than online shop.
If you send flower to Vietnam, try
They are the best local florist in town.


I don`t think you can delete it, but you might be able to replace it with another image?? Sorry, that`s all I got..


Go to control panel click on display, on the bar up click screen saver select any other wallpaper and click apply.



Try this 7 letter words
closeup, closure, couples, crumple, employs, jumpers, scummer.



You hold the picture and save it to your ipad.