What is the number of Digi to send `STOP ALL` to unsubscribe from all services?

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What is the number of Digi to send `STOP ALL` to unsubscribe from all services?. Are You sir and mam own that kind of query?, If do then please check the best tips right after this line:\r\n

Unsubscribe internet 300mb for rm4


Answers for this question:

To unsubscribe from Digi promotional SMS you need to follow the step by step procedure I provided below.

First, Dial this number – 016-2211-800

1. listen to some unneeded automated phone call
2. then press “0”.
3. Press “1”.
4. Then press 3 (this is for other services)
5. Then press “5” (assistant for other service)
6. The system will say “Our consultant will attend to you shortly”.

Tell the representative that you get tired on those promotional sms and you wish not to received any sms again. The deactivation process will be processed within 2 working days.


I call the digi customer service – He`s said this default setting will not probably switch off for me. The theory is if you phone turn on the Mobile data setting then digi will provide the internet service and constantly charge u RM8 everyday.
i felt is a trap purposely design for digi customer, who`s know your mobile data setting might accidentally turn on by those lack of smartphone knowledge for smart phone like your parent, kid or even yourself.
So, Digi able suck the money for RM8/per day still you realize your being charged.


Call your customer service and tell them that you want to remove the subscription for mazajak. Since they have access to your account they can easily remove those subscription attached on your account. Just tell them as well the reason why you want the service to be removed if in case they ask for one.


If theres no text message receive that theres no instruction to unsubscribe to your internet provider, the best to do is to contact your service provider and inquire on how yo will do unsubscribe your internet connection.


Hello, you can write them an email or mail requesting to remove you on their email listing. And after that make sure to block their email so, you won`t have to subscribe to them anymore.


Send text message
” u 1″
“u 2”
“u 3”
“u….. ”
to the following number : 801764
and voilaaa, hits it..


Please unsubscribe mazajak services from my asia cell number? Iwant unsubscribe mazajak services from my asia cell number 07709674272.


I have the same problem did u find the solution ??
please answer if u found a solution.