What is the prodution suport and future scope in career?

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What is the prodution suport and future scope in career?. Do You sir and mam has this kind of question?, If do then plz check the good tips below:

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Both are indemand but most servers use PHP and it is also the language but it falls back on ASP.NET`s strength. Therefore PHP is really fast growing language compare to .NET, and PHP has a lot of advantages like extendable, portable and low cost. If you like you can read the debate between PHP and .NET here on this link below:

But for my self i would go for PHP.


There is always scope for Engineering.. Because days are keep on changing with new inventions, so always you will have a scope.. but choose the right engineering graduation to make your carrier path bring in future..ALL THE VERY BEST Ramanaiyer.


Hi! I am also not good in math, so I took BS elementary education because in teaching, there are no mathematical, logical, or numerical problems. Only problem solving. So I advise to to prefer teaching.
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I assure you it is android who will have more scope in the near future because symbian os is nearly or soon to be phased out in the market. And as for now android is actively innovating its standard than or against symbian.


No, marketing should continue for products and services throughout the life cycle of the product. until a product reaches end of life cycle, marketing is essential to stay up with consumer needs.


Yes there is a very good future in Informatica. There are plenty of job openings for Informatica for which you can apply for if you have some experience in the same. All the best.


If you are good in maths, u can either choose statistics i.e B Sc or chose engineering.


In future the study of commerceplays a vitial role as now.i any time we need commerce students for a running of bussiness.