What is the Root and Custom ROMs for Android?

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I started with a guide on how to root the LG G2, but I realized pretty quickly that in pure Crossword spirit that there are a few things I need to mention before I publish a guide that can have major consequences if you do not know what doing.

I have chosen not to dwell on too much, I think this is just enough information to begin with. And you will find something wrong with my post or just have views on something is you who are always more than welcome with a comment below.

What is the smartphone root?

Root is the name superuser user in Linux (Android is based on Linux if anyone missed it). Root is the equivalent to the administrator account in Windows, although it works very differently. The term “root” simply means that you have access to your user account root on your phone.

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Why should I root my phone?

There are many different reasons why people want root his phone. Two reasons why I personally root my phones is that I then install the app AdFree that blocks all advertising in all apps and websites. The other reason is that I can use the app Titanium Backup and back up all my apps and their data.

Is root dangerous to root their device?

It is not dangerous to root his phone. But it comes with a great responsibility! With the root account in Android, you have total control over your phone and it is therefore important that you know what it means before you throw yourself over your phone and root it.

Just like in Linux distributions like Ubuntu uses one never root all the time, because it would mean a huge security risk. When an app needs access to the root sends a request to you and you must then choose whether to approve the app temporarily or forever. It is therefore very important that you are careful with what apps you install and permits. But as long as you stick to the popular and well-known apps you have nothing to worry about.

Be extra careful with system apps. With system apps, I think of apps that let you eg overclock and change the volts on the processor. Using these apps, you can actually damage and clean out kill your phone if you are careless.

Can I tag my phone?

The washer their phone means that you kill it completely, you make your phone into a brick simply. The term “tray” comes from the word that means brick brick in Swedish. The ability to tag their phones, but the probability of it actually happening are non-existent, provided that you read through the guide once before and the consequences it from beginning to end. In my years as an active Android users I know of one Swedish user who bricked his phone and it was in 2008 or in 2009.

Will I lose my warranty if I root my device?

Yes and no. To root his phone means that your warranty smokes, but it is possible to reset their phone * so that it does not appear that you have been there and poked at it. But for you to be denied a warranty issue, the error must be due to a direct consequence of that you have roott your phone.

What is a custom ROM?

A custom ROM, or custom firmware that it’s actually called is a firmware developed by a third party. But why would you want a custom firmware? And that also a hemmapulare behind? What if it eats up my cat?
-First, Your cat is safe! And second, there is absolutely no hemmapulare. It is highly respectable and knowledgeable people who develop custom firmwares, which you can read a little further down in this post.

One of the major reasons that you want to install a custom firmware on their phones is that these are based on newer versions of Android than those who phone manufacturer. Today, you can count on every phone has a lifespan of one year from the release date (except for the Nexus series), you buy a budget phone, the service life may be considerably shorter if you are unlucky. It is not because they do not have the resources to maintain the phones, it simply depends on your phone to be “old” so you must buy a new phone to take advantage of all the new things and they can rake in even more cash .

But it is so very important to have the latest version of Android? It’s up to you to determine, for my own part, tend to always be a novelty that attracts the new version of Android. With Android 2.3 they introduced a naughty redesigned appearance, had 4.1 Project Butter and 4.3 had support for TRIM and so on. Other benefits of a custom firmware is that the developer usually put great emphasis on speed, stability, battery life, and extra features.

I think that custom firmwares are in many cases a better alternative to the firmware that the phone manufacturer. These projects are run by enthusiasts like you and me, they listen to their users and they develop custom firmwares because they love it. And that the phone manufacturers have a package that will suit the broad masses, hence a rather thick and perhaps clumsy package. But third party developers usually develops after how they want it and that’s why there’s a whole horde of various options with very specific utgreningar.

How do I know which custom firmware to select?

There are essentially three major developers. * The oldest and biggest is CyanogenMod, a project started in 2008 by a man and which today consists of a bunch of developers. CyanogenMod is today to more than 70 different units. The focus has always been to provide a stable firmware with moderate and well thought out extras and that is precisely why it has been my big favorite since in 2009.

The end of 2012 was founded the company CyanogenMod Inc. and it also received $ 7,000,000 in funding from Redpoint Ventures and Benchmark Capitalför to implement the initiative. It would simply take CyanogenMod to a whole new level.

Two options CyanogenMod’s Paranoid Android and AOKP. I have used both of the previous phones and the use of writing Paranoid Android on my LG G2, most of CyanogenMod 11 not out yet. These two projects are very similar to CyanogenMod, though on a much smaller scale. Paranoid Android has some interesting things they are behind, including Pie and AOKP has gone all in with a variety of adjustment options and extras, something that is appreciated very much by some and not by others.

What flavor that suits you best, you simply try up until. The range can vary greatly depending on the phone, too, but the three I mentioned above are safe bets, and they tend to be those most phones.

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