What is the sms gateway for H2O wireless?

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What is the sms gateway for H2O wireless?. Are You Mr or Mrs own that kind of concern?, If yes then plz found the best solution below:\r\n

I need there sms format for example. sprint is 10digit [email protected], this way u can send a message from your personal email


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To turn off Wi-fi on your Thomson TG782, please do this:

Click on home networking. Left pane

Click on
Home Network
WLAN Interface Wireless WLAN: BigPond31836D (54Mbps)

On the right pane.. there is a security issue to anyone reading this and you should change the SSID to something else.. The digits there have revealed only 2 possibles for your wpa passkey. Stupid Thomson.

Click on configure in the top right corner..

Wireless Access Point – BigPond31836D


Interface Enabled: (uncheck the box here).

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Is this working before? In some cases where modem-router is being utilized, it ended up more a modem than being a wi fi device. I suggest to access the router`s set up page and configure its wireless settings. Make sure you have all correct settings in place. I would also suggest to talk with Comcast which settings best fit under this set-up. Make your wireless settings as unique and simple as possible. Now try to search for your wifi name on the laptop. Enjoy your wireless!


Generally, most wireless routers have external wireless ON/OFF button that you can press to disable/enable the wireless of the device itself. If the device doesn`t have an external wireless switch, access the gateway or router`s configuration page and disable the wireless capability form the settings or wireless settings of the device itself. After which, you have to apply the changes and it should be saved.


1. Turn off router and computers.
2. Wait around 30secs.
3. Turn on router first. after you have stable lights on your router. turn on your computer(s).
4. go to start > run > type cmd.
5. on dos prompt (black box), type in “ipconfig” – without the quotes “”
6. look for ip address: make sure it starts with 192.168.x.x where x refers to any number.


You need to access the configuration page of the router and go to the wireless settings of it,,there is an option there to select the WPA security..
or you can also run the installation cd of the thomson modem/router to secure your wireless network.its just a wizard anyway.


Try to turn off router and turn it on, make sure that you have correct connections between computer and router. Wait until fully initialize. Ask for the service provider the namename and password of router then ask how to set up the router into wireless. This could help you more.


You probably need to check to see if there both connected to each other.