What to Do when iPhone Does Not Recognize SIM Card?

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There are a lot of reasons why iPhones will not work. One possibility is when the iPhone failed to recognized its SIM card.

It is possible that sometimes, you may wonder why you cannot connect to your respected cellular data network or cannot make phone calls with your iPhone device. If it happens to you then you may consider checking if your phone is not having problems identifying its SIM card on it.

Identifying Problem Cause

In order for you to know whether your iPhone does recognize its SIM or not, check the upper left corner of the iPhone screen. You will then see the name of the carrier with the signal bars. The signal bars are the main indicator as to whether you are connected to the network or not. If it reads like “No SIM”, then that indicates the iPhone does not recognize the SIM card. Thus, phone calls or relevant network connecting functions are really not possible at the moment.

Implementing Easiest Solution

In order to resolve iPhone SIM card recognition failure, follow the given simple procedures below:

  1. Locate the slot with a small hole on top of the iPhone device. It is situated between the headphone jack and the hold button. This is the slot where the SIM is inserted.
  2. Checked if the card has been dislocated. It is the usual cause why the iPhone would read “No SIM”.
  3. If it really is dislodged, then secure SIM card removal tool. A paper clip will do.
  4. Unfold the paper clip.
  5. Slowly, move one end of the paper clip into the small hole of the SIM card slot. The SIM card tray will then pop up.
  6. Be sure to place the SIM card on the slot properly and gently push the card tray back in.
  7. Secure the card tray and ensure the card is tightly seated.
  8. Wait for about a minute or two.
  9. You should be able to see the normal carrier settings on the upper left portion of the iPhone screen.

10. If it fails to recognize the SIM card still, take out the card and check if it is clean. If dirty then have it cleaned. Do it gently, though.

11. Be sure to clean the SIM card slot, too. After cleaning both the slot and the SIM card, insert the SIM card again.

12. If cleaning still does not resolve the issue, you can try to isolate the problem by utilizing another phone where you can insert the SIM card and see if the other phone is able to read the SIM.

13. If you’ll found out that SIM card is still not recognized by the other phone, then it is the SIM that has the problem. Else, it is but the phone 1 that has the problem.

14. If so, then you may contact the technical support or visit the nearest App Store in your area. The problem is already beyond your capability to get fixed.

Be sure to isolate where the real problem is. It is always either the iPhone device or the SIM card itself.

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