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Whats a cool LONG TBH FOR A BOY O GUY YOUR FRIENDS WITH?. Do You mate has that kind of inquiry?, If do then please read the best feedback right after this line:

The best people who could choose the best name for your group are you. You may check on my suggestions on how to get the best name for your group:

● It must be something all of you can relate to.
Whether it is a word that all of you used, or a common expression among your group, or a place that you always go to, or an event that was unforgettable, your group should be named in relation to something that all of you understand. It must be something that brings joy and life to every one. A group name of “GigAbyte” may seem cool but when you`ll learn that it is a group of five IT students who were chased and bitten by dogs on one of their gigs would mean that the group chose an awesome name.

● Put the word “The” on it.
The word “The” would make a group name sound like a classic and something important. To understand it, look at how it would differ if I`ll say I have “a car”, instead of saying “the card”. The makes the group name respectable and at the same time authoritative.

● Give it a personal touch.
If you can use each of your initials as a group name, better. A group name whose name is composed of the initials of every member is a great name. It gives everyone that the group is theirs.

● It must be something that everyone should approved.
You do not want to name your group into something that someone from it hates. Group name should be consensual. I suggest you gather all of your group members, take suggested names from everyone. Accept every name as a possible group name no matter how wild and far-fetched it is, then discuss and choose the best from the listed suggestions.


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