Whats justin beibers real 2013 cell phone number?

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Whats justin beibers real 2013 cell phone number?. Do You Mr or Mrs has this kind of problem?, If do then plz get the good tips right after below:\r\n

Whats justin beibers phone # 2013


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Hi! Thank you for choosing our site to answer your question! I am sorry though, I can not give you Justin Biebers cell phone number. That is not information we have access to and that would be violating his privacy. There are other ways of contacting Justin though! You can follow him on twitter, facebook, fanpop or you can even send him fan mail!

Justin Bieber
Island Records
825 Eighth Avenue
28th Floor
New York, NY 10019


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I understand your concern regarding wanting to get Justin Bieber’s number but then unfortunately his number is not disclosed to the public for his privacy and protection and the only way you can communicate with him is by following him on his official sites and watching his concerts. You can also watch out for TV and Radio stations that has contests who knows you might win and get a chance to meet your favourite stars.


I`m sorry, but Justin Bieber`s phone is not pubslished. You can follow him on his Twitter account or contact his talent agency at(212) 333-8000. You can find his talent agency`s address from this link .


I`m sorry, but that kind of information is not available fro the general public. I recommend that if you want to keep track of him you try joining a fan club, or try contacting him via tweeter or sending a letter to his fan mail address.


Hi! Thanks for asking. Unfortunately, Justin Bieber`s phone number is not published online. Sorry, but i don`t know his number too. You can follow him on his twitter or Facebook or fanpage. Hope this helps. Thanks!


Ufortunately, Celebrities like Justin Beiber has a very private numbers. even if you can get it, you cannot call him coz it has blocking features that only his allowed calls can make a call to him.


Hi justin bieber I really love u and I`m a biggest fan ever and I seen u at the nia at Birmingham and I was right at the front and I hope u sure me.