What`s mean chand aeroplane ship medicine, it is a film name?

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What`s mean chand aeroplane ship medicine, it is a film name?. Do You mister or misses own this kind of problem?, If do then please check the best answer below:

Answers for this question:

Honestly, this riddle is a well-known Indian riddle and this riddle actually refers to an Indian word for an answer.

In order for me to properly answer your riddle, I will present you two words that best describes all four clues you mentioned since you did not specify exactly what language are you referring to.

The are the two possible words answers in your riddle:

1. First possible answer is the English word “HONEY”.
2. Second possible answer is the Indian word “BARFI”.



English Word HONEY refers to the sweet substance made by various kinds of bees and it is also served in restaurants for their sweet dishes.

Indian Word BARFI refers to the common sweet dish in India which is made up of sugar and condensed milk.


English word HONEY which is made by the bees actually is a good medicine for burns, ulcers and wounds.

Indian word “BARFI” which is also commonly used in many villages in India for their home remedy or medicine for cough. The GINGER BARFI is one of the BARFI dishes they used for medicine.


English word HONEY may also refers to the two films: Bollywood and Hollywood film both having the same movie name “HONEY”.

The Indian word “BARFI” may actually refers to the Bollywood film titled “BARFI”.


English word HONEY is also commonly used for a name of a girl.

The Indian word BARFI is also one of the common Indian girl`s name.

Therefore, the best two words that describes all four clues in your riddle is the English word HONEY if your riddle refers to general knowledge and the Indian word BARFI if your riddle refers to Indian or Hindi word.


It seems that you are referring to a solution to a riddle which best describes all the clues in the riddle.

From my research on this riddle, the correct answer to this riddle is the word “HONEY”.

The actual question to this riddle is “Answer this riddle in one word from the following clues: 1. Medicine name, 2. Bollywood movie title, 3. Girl name and 4. Sweets name”.

From your statement “ans 4 in 1” may actually means answer the four clues in one word.


From the first clue in the riddle “Name of the medicine` actually pertains to the “HONEY” produced by various types of bees which is a good medicine for wounds, ulcers and burns.

The second clue “Name of a Bollywood film” pertains to the actual 1982 Bollywood film titled “HONEY” starred by Sheetal and Pradip.

There is also a Hollywood movie with the same movie title “HONEY” which was starred by Jessica Alba in 2003.

The third clue “Girl name” can also be linked to the word “HONEY” because it is given to girls for their first name like the famous female English art editor whose name is Honey Luard.

The fourth clue “Mithai name” which the word “Mithai” is usually common in Southasian countries which means “Sweets” may actually refer to the “HONEY” made by different types of bees which is a sweet, viscous and golden colored liquid.

Therefore, the word “HONEY” is the correct word that best describes all the four clues in the riddle.



This riddle is a very well-known Indian/Hindi riddle, and the exact answer is the word “BARFI” that best define all the four clues.



The Indian sweet “BARFI” is commonly used by Indian villagers for their home remedy for cough. The name of the medicine is “Ginger Barfi”.


The Indian girl name “BARFI” is also a very common Indian female name.


The sweet dish made up of sugar and condensed milk which is popular sweet dish in India is called “BARFI”.


The Indian/Hindi word “BARFI” may also refer to the famous romantic comedy Bollywood film titled “BARFI”.

Therefore, the Hindi word “BARFI” is the correct answer to this riddle that the four clues have in similarity.


To decipher the correct answer to your riddle, let`s examine each of the given clues.

-Basically the four clues you`ve mentioned have some things in common. The answer for this riddle is `HONEY`
Lets consider the clues you gave.
1.Name of sweet . As we all know “HONEY” is made from the bees is a good medicine wounds ,on ulcers, and burns which also support the given second clue Medicine.
2. The word “HONEY” can be defined as a sweet, thick form of liquid produced by different kinds of bees, which on this case support the first clue
3. The word HONEY can also be referred to a film casting by Jessica Alba in 2003 entitled “HONEY” which defines a girl..
4. And finally, the word “HONEY” can also be given as first name to a girl which also support the fourth clue “Girls name”. So in conclusion, the word “HONEY” is the right answer to this riddle.


The correct answer to your riddle is the word “HONEY” that the four clues you mentioned have in common.


The word “HONEY” can be defined as “a sweet, yellow thick liquid produced by different kinds of bees” which greatly support the first clue “Name of sweet”.

The “HONEY” made by the bees is also a good medicine on ulcers, burns and wounds which also support the second clue “Medicine”.

The word “HONEY” can also be referred to a 2003 film starred by Jessica Alba titled “HONEY”.

And lastly, the word “HONEY” can also be given as first name to a girl which also support the fourth clue “Girls name”.

Therefore, the word “HONEY” is the right answer to your riddle.




In English this riddle will have a different answer than the hindi answer for this riddle on Whatsapp. I will be giving you the information in regards to the word answer and the explanation:

-HONEY is the answer

-Honey is a common girls name

-Honey was a film starring Jessica Alba

-Honey is a popular dogs name based on color

-Honey is a color that is painted on cars

-Honey can be used as a medicine.


The answer that you are looking for is “HONEY”

1. Medicine Name – Honey is a medicine for burn, wounds and ulcer.
2. Film Name – There`s a film entitled HONEY. It`s a bolywood film starred by Sheetal and Pradip.
3. Girl name – Honey is a common name for a girl.
4. Mithai Name – Mithai literally means sweet. Honey is sweet which is being produced by bees.


The answer to this puzzle is
Chandaal`s Film “Rama Duhai”

The secret is just convert the clue to Hindi and think of the closest words like this.

1. Moon is Chaand closed to Chandaal
2. Camera is used for Filming.
3. Sheep is a RAM closed to RAMA.
4. Capsule is Davai closed to Duhai.


A common name for female name, sweet, medicine and film, My guess will be “Honey” since it is a name for female , it is literally sweet it is also a alternative natural medicine and for sure there is a film that has a title honey.


The answer is Chandaal Film/Movie Raam Duhai
the first clue is the answer to the game of guess the hindi movie.
capsule- duhai
goat- Raam
camera- film or movie
Chand- chandaal.


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