Whats the dimond minecart/dantds address?

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Whats the dimond minecart/dantds address?. Do You misses or mister own this kind of question?, If do then please read the good feedback right after below:\r\n

I want to send dantdm a letter


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What is the answer for this question.


I have here a video from youtube which is very helpful regarding your concern, please watch the demonstration on how you will get those coins Via VIP Account

Description of the video

MovieStarPlanet is a fun and exciting place for children of all ages to play online in a safe and secureenvironment. The virtual world of movie star planet is much more than just a web-based game to play, movie star planet offers players the chance to live the life of a moviestar in both a fun and educational way which parents are teachers are sure to love.


– undetectable –
– easy to use –
– made by proffessional team –
– add any amount of coins to your account !!

Please Read the youtube Description also.


I don`t really think you can have that 1,000 coins without doing anything but here are some good ways to get star coins

1. make movies and tell people to watch them
2. play them mini game things in the chatrooms or play games with people
3. play dress up games and any game to get a spin wheel
4. instead of buying stuff why not trade
5. save it

hope it helps somehow.


Hi, To be honest to you, there is no free coins ever exist:
All of the guides in the webs on how to get coins is not really working, since MSP is almost updated their server a weekly basis.

The only way i can think of, is make some friends in MSP that had a VIP accounts, and ask them to gift you some items. That way its more challenging.
Hope it clears your thoughts: Thank you:.


We cannot give you diamonds and coins for MSP, but we can give you tips on how to get some.
First of all, you have to be actively playing the game because as you go along, you will be earning more coins and diamonds.
You can also find if there are offers or surveys which can give you free coins and diamonds. You also have to visit other houses there and click on their pets to earn coins.


Diamonds in moviestarplanet can be used if you wanna purchase something for your character, for example you wanna buy a new dress that is really pricey, then you can use your diamonds to get it.