Whatsapp is getting hanged on note 1 please sone help me the solutin?

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Whatsapp is getting hanged on note 1 please sone help me the solutin?. Are You mister or misses has that kind of inquiry?, If do then please found the good feedback right after below:

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You can try to reinstall the app if it will fix your issue. You will also have to make sure that you have enough memory space in which can affect the app.



Regarding to your problem there might be a problem with your ram memory that can cause hanged. To avoid that problem i suggest you to clear your application cache ,browser history, call log, and run at least 3 apps to avoid hanged. Try to use app cache cleaner ,it will clean up your app cache memory in just one click.


Hi there.. Check your phone` memory if it has still enough percentage to utilize the flow of the application when in use. Try to free some extra memory on your phone. delete those applications saved on your phone;`s built in memory that are not using so that it can maximize the memory.


That always happened because you have so many open applications running like social media sites application like facebook twitter instagram etc.. to avoid hanging log out all running apps and uninstall all unnecessary applications and restart your phone.


Possible that the application got crushed and the phone system got restarted but it does not affect the phone system badly.

Since the application got crashed in some way and the history got disappear, basically you cannot recover them once it is gone.


Connect your phone to a computer and transfer the file like that. Else you can connect the MiniSD card directly to the PC. copy your files to the card.


Reset the whole thing: start button (hold down) with volume then tab down using volume to reset.


Switch off the phone and on after 10 min…contact service centre to format the apps.


Try to restart the phone rr remove battery & replace it again then on it.


Because Q mobile E960 is the worst thing. Iphone way better.