When i press volume down key and power on my htc chacha nothing happens, my phone just starts normaly?

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When i press volume down key and power on my htc chacha nothing happens, my phone just starts normaly?. Are You sir and mam own this kind of uncertainty?, If do then please read the good answer below:\r\n

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If you are looking for recovery mode you also need to press camera key, I believe. That`s how it is with any Android I have had. Also when the boot logo pops up, I guess yours would say HTC or your service provider, you let go of the buttons immediately and it will go into recovery mode. Use your volume keys to navigate the menus and possibly the power, camera or some other button to make selections.


If you can`t access you device and you`ve already tried everything and you need to go to the recovery modem of your device for more advance options such as hard reset, etc. you can do the following steps below

Here`s the proper steps to hard reset your device or to access the recovery modem

1.) Make sure your device has enough battery charge

2.) Turn Off your device

3.) Press and hold the power + Volume down key

4.) wait until you see the android logo or icon

5.) Press and hold the power + volume up key to see the android recovery menu

6.) scroll up or down using the volume key and power button to select the option that you need

-always secure a backup of your important files before attempting to make any changes on your device.


You will need to connect to you computer only if you need to run the HTC tools to unlock it. you can get the tool from htc site here:

after that, you can use a number of root methods too root your phone. a popular method is unrevoked, which you can find here:



The phone is not an Android phone so the regular Recovery screen will not work on your phone. If your phone is not working I suggest you bring the phone to the nearest service center so they can check your phone. Most likely they will need to do some repair on the phone or they might need to do a hard reset on the phone.


You have to format your phone . I don`t if this work but you can try .take your battery out . and put it back . press back and power button at the same time . It will hard reset i guess.


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