When will Macintosh Computer have Blue Ray?

By On Saturday, February 24th, 2018 Categories : Mac

Apple Inc. is one of the best international manufacturers of electronic devices especially phone, gadget and computer. The product of this Apple Inc. is famous for its quality, style and the features that are available with the product but the price tag associated with each product is comparably costlier than the product of other manufacturers. There are lots of expectations on the Apple’s products from the customers worldwide.

One of the long time expectations of the customers is that to acknowledge the blue ray facility in their product like laptop. This requirement was under long term consideration in this company and now as a result Apple acknowledges that Blue ray exists in their product. This feature is not found in the brand new iMac30. But it is found as the option in the new final cut pro.

This Blue ray news makes the fans of Apple products to feel happy. But the sad news is that this facility is not available in the iMac30 notebook. This enchanting facility of the blue ray makes the user to create the most lovable blue ray videos. Also the quality that was offered by the Apple Inc. makes the feature of this blue ray more interesting for the users. It is very fortune that this facility was available in the next generation technology which was being used for the manufacturing of the new cut pro. This feature is not implemented in the iMac30 because of many technical reasons. Also the present technology that is associated with these products is not compatible with the Blue ray. This makes the developers to implement the blue ray in the next generation technology which was implemented in the new cut pro.