Where can i buy etisalat prepaid load if i am in the philippines?

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Where can i buy etisalat prepaid load if i am in the philippines?. Are You guys has this kind of problem?, If yes then please get the good answer below:

I am from the Philippines and my wife just started to work in dubai, how can i transfer or buy prepaid load to etisalat


Answers for this question:

Load transfer usually bounce back if the recipient number you sent it to is a non existing number. Regardless of whether you dialed the right or wrong number it will still be considered a successful transaction if the number you dialed is associated with another subscriber. Thus the network provider will charge you for it.


There no such as roaming load, If your Smart sim is already activated for roaming, Then give your number to him, and tell him to reload it. Just like an ordinary way of loading. Same procedure like you are in Philippines.


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