Where can i find pin for cd r king LO series?

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Where can i find pin for cd r king LO series?. Are You guys own that kind of query?, If do then plz found the solution below this line:\r\n

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Lephone master pin code.


NOTE that if you got the router, or combo high speed modem / router, supplied to you from your ISP, the default name name and password used to access the configuration settings of the router are often different than they are in the generic manual for the model. In that case, go to ISP`s web site and confirm what the name name and password are for the router, or combo modem / router, model they supplied.

There are often several revisions of a router model. The printed or on-the-CD manual that came with a router you bought yourself will have the correct name name and password. However, if you look up the manual on the web, you must choose the correct revision, if there is more than one, and often you must select the region of the world you bought it in, in order to be sure you`re using the right manual and right default name name and password.

Read the manual for it – there`s an obvious, or a hidden, physical reset switch you can press that sets the router`s configuration settings back to defaults.

You must access the router, then type in the name name and password to access it`s configuration settings.
You access the router either by typing it`s default URL in an internet browser – 192.168.xxx.xxx (it`s stated in the manual) – or you can click on an icon for the router model in your network properties if it`s shown there.

If you`re using a wireless network adapter on your computer, if your wireless connection isn`t successfully connecting to the router, you must plug a network cable into the router from your computer`s wired network adapter in order to access it.

Some wireless routers have the wireless broadcast set to OFF by default, in which case a wireless connection to it will NOT work by default – you must connect a network cable to the router in order to change settings to switch that ON.

You can only connect to the router from one computer either via a wired or wireless connection to connect to the internet, at any one time. If you change the way you`re connecting, Restart Windows to get it to recognize the change.

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In able to reset the tablet with the model of CDR- KING XON Series tablet,so that the password that you input or key in will automatically wiped out.

Then all you have to do is backup some data of yours and you can save it via Micro SD or your usb port.You can transfer it first in your personal computer.

Then do the basic you can charged your Tablet CDR-KING XON series.The purpose of this is to avoid interruption and cause some delay while you are doing the reset.

Guidelines on how to do the proper way in CDR KING-XON Series Tablet.

1.You have to remove your simcard/Micro SD.

2.Then Just switch on the tablet.

3.You have to hold the Volume Up +Home Screen + Volume down.

4.Press it all together.

5.Until the word that asking if you really want to reset your system.Just say “yes”.

6.Then it will reboot automatically then press the word reset.

7.It will reboot itself,and it depends on you if you still want to restart it .

Then everything will erase even your password,now you can open and create a new password of yours for your privacy.


Globe Broadband/DSL uses a special kind of connection called ADSL (Asymmetric digital subscriber line). Their routers have built in ADSL modules inside of it so that it can connect to the internet. If you want to make it work, make sure that you purchase an ADSL compatible router / a similar Globe Router. I think that CD-R king brand doesn`t have the compatibility, that is why itis not connecting.

If you are using it for you to be able to have WiFi, connect a LAN cable / Patch Cord (RJ-45) from the ORIGINAL globe modem to the CD-R king router. Make sure that IP addressing / allocation, DNS server and gateway is set-upped properly.


It is our pleasure to assist you with your concern . in order fo you to set up your wifi – router just follow this steps :

1.open any web browser your are using and in the web address bar type this —-> http:
2. go to TCP/IP settings and type in the the default namename and password (the given to you by your internet service provider . ex PLDT , BAYANTEL )
3.then at the bottom click “APPLY CHANGES“

hope this will help you out , if have you have more question dont hesitate to ask , thanks.

red one

Mine is a 10″ fastpad, and it keeps asking for the “google account recovery” and i can`t get access to the net because i need to turn the wi-fi menu ON first and obviously i can`t go to the menus. Its been sitting here for a long time and my kids could not maximize its use. please help! thanks.


The default name name and password for all CD-R king router is just admin. Try to access again your routers URL and put this word admin on the name name and password.


Hello there the default password for your lo series is 12345678 it must be 8 numbers the default passwod for your cd r king lo series.


Go on your router address put your namename and password go on advance settings click security and put password click save.


Go to boot recovery then choose restore factory reset that will reset your system and put it back the old fresh device.