Where can i find the exact learners test reviosion?

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Where can i find the exact learners test reviosion?. Are You guys has this kind of concern?, If yes then plz get the best solution below this line:\r\n

I need to practice the real thing!


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Hi! May I know in which country you are in, so I can look up accurately? Also, are you looking for driver`s learners test practice? Thanks!


I called the drivers place and the police station and asked them your question an they basically told me that :Under the Ohio law the judge has broad discretion in determining whether or not to grant privileges, but the scope of the privileges is usually limited to occupational, educational, vocational and medical purposes, or for taking a driver’s license examination and attending court-ordered treatment. So basically it depends on what state your in and the rules and regalations and sometimes you have to take the drivers test over again and sometimes you dont. If you have anymore question click the link below!…



Depending on your overall knowledge of the book, you may find it not as expected on first try. All tests are done on a computer but you are permitted a piece of paper and a pencil for any jotting down problems you may have on test. The best way to prepare is to memorize the “theory” component of the Driver`s book, that is: The Intersections, The Right-of-way stuff, and the Proactive Driving section.


Here is the information that you will need, along with the amount of fees you must pay:

Here, you can book a time online:

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Hi. You can go to your DMC website (department of motor vehicles) for the real and practice driver`s license exams online.


It all relies on where you are from. it is usually done through a pc and it information everything.


You are only able to get 6 out of 30 questions wrong.