Where i will get prestigio multiphone 4505 duo battery in dubai?

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Where i will get prestigio multiphone 4505 duo battery in dubai?. Do You sir has this kind of uncertainty?, If do then please check the best answer below:\r\n

My phone battery was not charging for the last few days and I need to buy prestigio multiphone PAP 4505 battery with charger from dubai


Answers for this question:

If you just recently got it then it should still be under warranty if your phone is not charging, but still try to check the factors below on why your phone is not charging, if everything else fails then you need to bring it back on where you bought it for a possible replacement.

1.) Make sure the charger is properly connected to your device

2.) Connect the charger on other working outlets

3.) try to charge it longer, it could be just the initial charge that`s why it`s taking a lot of time to move.


You should fully charge a new battery until the battery meter reads full. Then you should fully drain the battery to empty, then fully charge it again. This helps prolong the battery life on most rechargable batteries.


Go to phone settings, wifi option, look for the wifi you want to connect to and then connect entering the network password if needed.


Have you tried another battery to verify whether the present battery has not outdated its useful life.


The battery is not compatible or the battery is REJECT!


For a tablet 8hours should be fine. you can start using.


It because you haven`t activated it.


You should charge until it says full.