Where is moneygram in baguio city?

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Where is moneygram in baguio city?. Do You sir and mam own that kind of query?, If yes then plz get the solution right after below:\r\n

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I claim the money gram yesterday on cebuana,ir m Lhuillier but he told me offline…so hanggang Kailan offline and service ?

Novelyn Santa C

So can I claim the money gram in landmark?
Because Cebuano,and m Lhuillier yesterday is offline so ang tanung hanggang Kailan ang office sa dalawang branches?

Novelyn Santa C

Hi there are 2 branches of LANDBANK in Baguio. You may contact them directly by calling the branch or you can go to LANDBANK`s official website and check your account.

here are the Branches in BAGUIO:

BAGUIO BRANCH – LANDBANK Building, 85 Harrison Road, Baguio City, Benguet; BR_…@mail.landbank.com
Adeline M. Ramos – Branch Manager
Telephone: (074) 442-6375; 443-4082; 304-1574; 442-2710; 424-0142;
Fax 442-6989

BAGUIO NAGUILIAN BRANCH – Ground Floor, Marcon`s Building, 90 Brgy. Irisan, Naguilian Road, Baguio City, Benguet BR_…@mail.landbank.com
Marcelina P. Evangelista – Branch Manager
Telephone: (074) 619-2984;
Telefax : 619-2983.


The phone when lost, is can be track by the use of the GPS locator. Before it get lost, make sure you get activated it`s GPS locator so that it is easily to find out were it is. You could use another phone to locate your phone. But if the sim of yours get broke by the person who get this, it will be difficult to find it out. Now, if the GPS is not being active, there is no way now you can track your phone because of the need app is not active. You can call your customer service hotline to report about this. Give them your mei number if they can really track your phone. But if also they said, it will not, then just ask to get blocked that Imei number of your phone so that it will not be usable for others. And cannot be able to use nor sell it also. Blocking is your only choice now.


The reference number of MoneyGram looks like this 557-647-97. It has eight (8) digits, located at the lower right side of the send form. When the processing for sending money is complete, MoneyGram will send the sender a reference number to share with the recipient. However, reference number is not required to pay out the transfer. A reference number helps the MoneyGram to find the transfer quickly, but they does not require one for all payouts.


Slow chargers are actually better than fast chargers because the chemical reaction inside the battery will not be affected that much in terms of feeding it with energy. While still unable to find charger that you like, just make the best out of what you have first.



Your number might be a Walmart to Walmart number instead of moneygram.


L want to track my moneygram to know if is avalable.


Search from moneygram locator.


I don`t think it so.