Which is the best laptop???? For Me?

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Which is the best laptop???? For Me?. Are You mam and sir own this kind of question?, If do then please get the good tips right after below:\r\n

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Hi dear name,

It seems your laptop power was not sufficient to charge the galaxy tab. Is your laptop connected to the power supply when you charge your tab or not? Samsung galaxy tablet need a pretty much high amount of current to charge their battery compared to other usb devices. Preferably a 2 amp current ( this is the current rating of the galaxy tablet`s charger)
While most laptop have a maximum current of 100mA- 500mA that you can drain from their USB ports.

So you could try to charge your laptops battery or better if you could connect the power supply to an outlet and try again to power on the unit. It could be that the battery cannot supply enough current to the laptop. If the problem still persist, then you have to send it to the service center for repair.

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These might be the issues concerning your problem. 1. a faulty monitor screen, 2. a recent hardware/software installation, 3. a corrupt driver of your videocard. Try to determine first the integrity of your monitor by installing a program “IsMyLcdOK” to check for dead, paralyzed and faulty pixel of your monitor. Second, you must update your videocard driver to latest version and compatible with the operating system you are using. 3. Try using system restore to restore our computer t its previous working state. 4. try using a new monitor by simply plugging the vga cable of the new monitor to your laptop vga slot and see if the problem diminish. If the problem still persist, you may need to call for a computer technician and have them fix professionally or you may also try contacting the customer support through sony`s website.


Hi there Pierre,

The simpliest method you can do is to buy a wifi router to share your internet connection and enable file sharring option on your network.
Another method if you dont have WIFI router is to download Connectify to your laptop. This application enables your first laptop which is connected thru your wired internet to become a Hotspot for your second laptop and thus, share your connections. There is a feature limited lite version which you could download for free to try the application. here`s the link


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Hi sammiejammie,

What king of application did you use for parent control?
Retrieving the password largely depends on what application you did use. Some application have a password retrieval you can access or even a master password reset. This is set when you first installed the application. Others can be retrieve by using your email. try to consult the help files of the application. It all things failed. You can uninstall your application and reinstall it again and thereby resetting or making another password. As I have said this basically depends on the application that you have use.

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Ok, I believe there`s no way you can unsync the process that has been done.
Because if you are going to sync the process from your phone to PC, nothing will change.
But, there`s still way and that is you can manually delete what has been sync to your phone.
Its tough but that`s the only way I can think of to help you out.


You can do the system restore first and if it doesn`t get back to the normal its better to visit the technician to do the right procedure. Determine the best laptop you must consider buying to avoid early defect of the gadget.
Source: www.askalist.com/list-of-the-best-laptops-you-must-consider-buying.


Please re-install the application software that came with dschx7v on your laptop and reboot the machine for completion of the software installation .After this please reconnect your device to the laptop.This will definitely work.

Best wishes.


Try to remove the prefered network that you have and try to reconnect

how to REMOVE

>>right click on the Network
>>clicked on forget this Network.


Did you put your tv on hdmi mode? On your tv remote control press on source and then select the HDMI port that you used. Please also make sure that you have a good HDMI cable.



Exclamation could mean device driver is not installed or installed properly. Makse sure USB drivers are up to date.