White iPhone 4 is Not Thicker Than The Original

By On Tuesday, March 13th, 2018 Categories : iphone

Last week, we finally have the white version of iPhone 4 in the market. Unfortunately, there is some reports saying that the white version is a little bit thicker than the black model, as some of the snug cases won’t fit with the white one. Consumer Reports said that it is not true, by comparing the white and black iPhone 4 at their lab in Yonkers, NY. The result is that both model have the same thickness of 0.37 inches.

Moreover, they also tried three different black iPhone 4 cases. The first one is the Griffin Etch Graphite case with soft rubber on its sides. The second one is Incases Snap Case which is a hard plastic case with hard plastic sides. There is also the official bumper for iPhone 4. All of them were fits well with the white iPhone 4, just like what they did to the original black version.

Actually, it is a bit funny that peoples were still excited to the white iPhone 4, remembering that it is an almost one year old gadget, only packed with a new color. Moreover, the iPhone 5 should be coming later this year. So why bother with the white version?