Why am failing video calling o skype?

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Why am failing video calling o skype?. Are You guys own this kind of problem?, If yes then please found the best solution right after this line:

Am failing to video call on skype


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If that galaxy S III has a front camera ..i am very sure that it really works a skype video calling cam to cam using that cp…

Like me that i have cherrymobile flare , it has a front camera and i try to use the skype on my cp while my partner using computer ..she call me via skype using computer while me im using my cellphone ..and amazing it really works we can view each other via cam to cam ..


You should check your Internet connection. I understand that you have 4G but sometimes Skype requires a wifi signal. If this problem is something your wireless provider has told you that your Skype should work on just your 4G, you should contact your provider and let them know. There are boosters you can get for signal in your home that may help, and depending on your signal in the area, you may be able to get one for free.


Try uninstalling Skype then re-install it again. Toward the last part of installation, it will let you test the audio. Set it up and it will work after that.


Talking to daughter in dubai skype mobile, after 10 mins call dropped, keep trying to call each other but calls seem to be ringing out with no reply…… happen..


Hi there! there might be a problem in your internet connection that`s why video calls are failing. Try to reboot/restart your android phone/tab.


Skype is when you see people face to face,yahooo, is something you talk about they Bascily Both Chatting.


I believe you can see and your your camera as long as theres a camera in front of the mobile.


Try to sign out your skype account.then restart your internet connection and restart your pc.