Why am i only seeing GT E1250 when my samsung phone is turned on?

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Why am i only seeing GT E1250 when my samsung phone is turned on?. Do You Mr or Mrs own that kind of question?, If do then plz get the solution below this line:

I cannot dial numbers because this is what i see on my GT E 1250 SAMSUNGphone( GT E1250)


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Be sure if you connect the bluetooth you have space for pairing or i mean you delete the name of other bluetooth that you paired previously. and then be sure that the bluetooth is in visible in all status.


Your phone cannot ring while your phone is turned off, although it CAN ring when it is in sleep mode, if your phone is capable of sleep mode, for example in an Android phone, Blackberry, iPhone, or most smartphones.


My sons did the same thing, his would still receive calls, but screen remained black. So we had screen replaced fixed the problem.


Get a new phone and sell that old phone cause theres nothing u can do or just remember a code u always use.


So do u think she is lying? cuz she is all mad cuz it was ringing but im telling her it was off n im not lying!


That`s normal when there`s too little battery it`ll turn off and once connected it`ll turn on.


The problem is not the sim card, is the phone itself , i dont have the phone password.






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