Why do robots not malfunction and take over the world already?

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Why do robots not malfunction and take over the world already?. Are You Mrs or Mr has that kind of inquiry?, If do then please get the best tips below this line:\r\n

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You are suspended because of your unusual actions.

On the name agreement policy of ask.fm, you cannot spam your friends with likes.

You should use the site fairly.

And also you cannot throw a lot of questions to yourself.

You can ask a lot of questions to other people but to your self alone.

It is considered against the name policy of ask.fm.

You should wait until they reactivate your account.

And once it is activated, use it fairly.


That`s to prevent people using programs that run automatically on sites, like bots, carrying out orders. the little bump in the road will usually give the bots pause and weed them out, letting actual people, sitting in front of their computers to create the gmail account.


Si pueden pensar es por que tienen raciocinio y este lo da Dios la razn es producto de Dios, y no del hombre por tanto si la tiene es debido utilizarla en cosas buenas para poder entrar al reino de Dios.


Because there are people that uses a program to easily create a gmail account in which can overload servers. This is also to prevent spammers.


If your phone has a lot of water in it the best way to get all the water out is to get it to a repair store so that it can be fixed.


Dont do that, you better go to the company to fix, i tried and i broke some thing so i got to buy 110usd to fix it.


If god doesn`t alow animals in heaven…then i doubt he`s alow a robot. god`s pretty closed minded really.


I dont think so…most of the dating websites are run by automated programs.


Yes it would God loves all creatures no matter how metalic.