Why does the orange attention light flash when I attempt to scan?

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Why does the orange attention light flash when I attempt to scan?. Are You mate has that kind of problem?, If do then plz get the good tips right after below:\r\n

My HP Deskjet F4440 will not scan. It just flashes the orange attention light. What am I doing wrong?


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If you already tried to reset the factory settings and you receive the same problem meaning to say the problem is either the battery or the board of the phone but you said you`re able to reset the factory settings it means you can still use it so you need to use another battery to test it now if you still receive the same problem meaning you have some other problem with your htc

since you didn`t say why that happened we can`t give you the exact solution now the orange light means your HTC is low battery or not working so change the battery.


Make sure both plugs are connected, and that you have the scanner installed on the components menue, and the correct drivers for the scanner. is there a reset button? unplug, and replug.


The orange light on your modem symbolize that you dont have an internet connection. Once the light turns to yellow it shows that you have an internet connection.


It sound like you need to hook the together find out what your printer id is eg.sx200 the go to my comp and hook the together. good luck.


I have the same problem, got it checked by a repair shop, they said the board has been damaged or maybe some chip is burnt.


Dead battery. mine has done the same after only 2 weeks. buy a replacement battery.