Why does the roku xd not connect to local network?

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Why does the roku xd not connect to local network?. Do You mister or misses has this kind of problem?, If do then plz found the good feedback below this line:\r\n

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You can activate your internet on your Samsung galaxy S3 with these steps. The fact is Galaxy S3 can be connected on networks in two ways:

-> First is via Wi-Fi (Wireless internet) –> In this type of connection, you must have the way or access to internet by using an external source which refers to internet not produced by your unit. You simply need to enable your Wi-Fi settings and this is the easiest way to do it. Just pull out your notification bar. It is found hidden atop of your screen then hit on the Wi-Fi icon. The chance to find it is the first icon seen on your left side and it says “Off” if not turned on.

–>Second is via 3G connection. This type of connection is given by your GSM service provider and you will pay load credits depending on its amount you want to purchase. You also need to have proper 3G internet settings to do so.


Thanking you Mr. justJ for your answer, My Question for Local Networking, I want my mobile link with my office computers local networking / sharing & printing (VPN setting) what I do in following options.

Add VPN network

1. Name: ?

2. Type : (PPTP, L2TP/IPSsec, L2TP/IPsec RSA, IPsec Xauth PSK, IPsec Xauth RSA, IPsec Hybird RSA) (witch one I select)

3. Sever Address: ?

4. PPP encryption (MPPE) Check Sing here ?

Show advance Options

1. DNS Search Domains: ?

2. DNS Servers (e.g. ?

3. Forwarding routers (e.g.

I m using WiFi / USB Cable

I m requesting you Please help

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The old mobile is came from the Jamaica country. The HTC Google Nexus phone is open line phone. That can allow to send and receive free text and calls. Can I ask if were country you are now? If you are not in Jamaica now, and you let did text and call using the local mobile from Jamaica, well it cannot be allow you to send text and make a call using this phone, because the phone is from Jamaica and when you are in the other country this phone will don`t have any network because this phone only registered into Jamaica country. You cannot be able to connect the two devices because the local mobile is locked from Jamaica country.


If your Roku unit is not connecting to Wifi network, I suggest to turn off the router for a minute or two.

Try also to add the network manualy on your Roku box and check if it connects to your network.

Try to change the wireless security. If you have it on WPA2. Change it to WPA or WEP and connect to the Wifi network.

Try to connect your Roku box to your Wireless router via Ethernet cord to see if it gets Internet access.


Most probably, you are out of range from your carrier, thats why you cant use you mobile network there. try buying a sim card which is available on Bulgaria, I think that will help, or just try connecting thru a wifi.


I use a third party app like Plex. But that is only usable for media such as downloaded movies, not for browsers or net surfing…


Go into settings on the mailn menu and go in to configuration and it way say internet setting jus hit yes and it should work.


Chick your network sitting proxy sitting wi fi sitting.