Why the site of prepaid card balance of nbad is block because i cant check my balance in that site?

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Why the site of prepaid card balance of nbad is block because i cant check my balance in that site?. Do You sir and mam has that kind of concern?, If yes then plz get the tips below this line:

Answers for this question:

You can check your NBAD debit card by following the steps below :

1. Open your web browser, and go here:
2. Put your card ID (It is located on the lower left part of your card)
3. Put the last 2 digits of your card number.
4. Click Go
5. On the next page you will see your balance

In case you are having some problems checking it online, then I suggest that you call the bank costumer support directly.

Please go here for the contact numbers :


To check the balance of your NBAD Ratibi card, you have to go to your browser.
On the address bar, type

Once the website is loaded, enter your Card ID number. You can locate this at the lower part of your card.
Then input the last two digits of your Card Number.
Then click GO and you can now see your balance.

You may contact your bank here if you are having problems accessing your balance.


You need to register your account online. Here is the link wherein you can register and check your NBAD account online.
To register, click REGISTER ONLINE button and fill out necessary information in your registration. When you are done and have successful register your NBAD account online, you can check your account balance online.


Here`s how, just go to this site,
it will ask you to enter your Card ID:
Card ID from the lower left face of your card.
Last 2 digits of Card No: then go know your balance.


You c call the 1800 number on the back of your card follow the instructions through the automated service. Here you will have the option to check your balance. Also check with your card holders website.


Yes. just visit the official website of your bank by using your online id and password. then you can view your statement , transaction and your complete account information.


Make sure you have an online account that links with your bank , so that you can login to that and also check some transactions and also balance.


Try to go to the link below to check the card`s balance: