Why wont my sandisk 8gb work in my cricket muve vitaity phone do i have to buy a new cricket sd card from cricket?

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Why wont my sandisk 8gb work in my cricket muve vitaity phone do i have to buy a new cricket sd card from cricket?. Are You misses or mister has this kind of uncertainty?, If yes then please found the good soution below this line:\r\n

I have a 8gb sd card but not a `cricket` sd card it wont read the applications on the card.


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Not all cell phones are microSD capable. Typically phones that are in the mid- to high-end in terms of retail price support microSD memory cards. Please refer to the phone features details to determine whether or not your phone is microSD capable and how large of a memory card it can support.


Try to use a different SD card first, if your phone is able to read the sd card then the SD card is the problem but if your phone is not able to read any SD cards then the problem could be the phone, and you have to do a master reset if that would be case, don`t forget to back up your files if you`ll do the reset.

To reset you can do this:

Tap the Menu key
Tap Settings
Scroll to and tap Privacy
Tap Factory data reset
Read the message about erasing data
Tap Reset phone
Tap Erase everything

Source: http://cellrb.com/cricket-wireless/how-to-reset-samsung-vitality-muve-music/.


Hello, you have 3 options to do an ESN swap,
1. Call 1.800.CRICKET and tell the representative that you need Swap devices. this cost you $15 with debit or credit.
2. Go to your nearest Cricket store and tell them to do it. his cost $15
3. Go to mycricket.com and login in to your account and you have and option to chenge MEID or ESN once it ask you for the MEID number you input the 18 digit number that usually start with 268.

hope this helps.


If you have reset your device and nothing happens then your device may be “bricked”. The software installed must be re-install for it to work again. Send your device to a mobile repair shop so they can re-flash the firmware of your device to work again.


If the ringback is saved to the phones internal memory itself it will still be on there but if its saved externally to the original cricket muve sd card the ringbacks will only be on that card.


Its obviously a technical problem. Phone or contact the makers of the app. Or it may be the matter of the fact that its not compatible with your device.


You should try showing it to a phone shop and see if they can fix it hope i.