Why y iPhone keeps buffering on padora?

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Why y iPhone keeps buffering on padora?. Are You Mr or Mrs has this kind of query?, If yes then plz check the tips right after below:\r\n

How do I stop buffering on pandora


Answers for this question:

Make sure that there is enough storage.


When the video you were playing is buffering, it means that the connection of your internet is a little bit too slow. It cannot play your video right away after you open the video. So it buffs then after it would be played.
For you to be have a better connection of internet, upgrade your internet connection into a higher speed. This connection would not give you a buffering when you play videos.
Your problem solution is that to upgrade your internet speed so that it would not give you buffs when loading a video.


Buffering might be due to slow internet connection. Check if the internet is slow. If it is you will need to coordinate with your network carrier and ask them why you are getting slow connection at this time. Also you can try to restart the phone and that might fix the issue. If it does not work again calling the network carrier or internet provider would be the best way to check why you are getting slow connection.


You can`t the buffer is because of your download speed for your internet is too slow where the video can`t keep loading with out the data being downloaded as fast as your quatily of your video is loading, So turn down the quilty or get closer to your router, or get faster internet.


Make sure that your internet connection is 3Mbps or higher depending on how many devices are connected to your network. If you only stream online using a PC or any other devices, then 3Mbps will be more than enough. Other than that, if your streaming wirelessly make sure that there`s no interference to make sure that the streaming experience is superb.


Buffering is fully based on your internet connection speed. If you have a high connection speed, buffering time will be very low (almost neglegiable). Moreover it also depends on your size of file. If you are watching a video file of 1 or 2 MB then buffering will be low in low internet connection.


You need to hard reset your phone through iTunes plug your phone into your computer and go to iTunes.


Go a place with better signals? or if you havent tryed, connect your earplugs to it.


Hello you can try to restore your Iphone using itunes and check if it fix the problem.