Wifi is lit up on Epson Workforce 435, but I cannot scan?

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Wifi is lit up on Epson Workforce 435, but I cannot scan?. Are You misses or mister has that kind of uncertainty?, If do then please read the tips below this line:\r\n

If your Epson WorkForce 325 printer/scanner prints, but won’t scan follow these steps.
You are using a USB connection, so first ensure that it is plugged in well at both ends. Make sure that the printer is turned on.
1. First, restart your computer.
2. Ensure that you have sufficient RAM, and that your laptop or PC meets the operating system requirements.
3. If you made any operating system changes, you must re-install the Epson Scan as well.
4. In the Scanning Program, ensure that the “Epson Scan” is your choice.

If your Epson 325 still does not scan, follow this procedure:
1. Make a copy so that you can find the scanner problem.
2. Make sure once again that the unit is turned “On”.
3. Load a letter-size sheet of paper into the sheet feeder.
4. Set a document face-down on the scanner glass.
5. Press the “Copy/Fax” button.

If the scanner power light is “OFF”, make sure that there is power coming through your Epson 325:
1. Plug your unit into a wall socket if it was plugged into a power-surge protector. There may be a loose connection, or defect from the device.
2. Check to make sure that your outlet has power by plugging in an item such as a lamp or radio.
3. Check again that the power cable is connected securely at each end.

If you are still unable to scan, you need tech support from Epson. Here is the Epson customer support link if you are still unable to scan with your Epson WorkForce 325:

Before you call them at the support phone number provided at the site, have your Epson 325 printer/scanner and computer nearby. Have your Epson product title, serial number and info for proof-of-purchase ready. Be ready to give specs of your computer, also.