Will my samsung GT – 19195 automatically update to british summer time?

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Will my samsung GT – 19195 automatically update to british summer time?. Are You Mrs or Mr own that kind of inquiry?, If yes then plz check the tips below this line:\r\n

Will my samsung GT 19195 automatically update to british summertime tonight?


Answers for this question:

If the time is set to adjust automatically then it will. To make sure you can check it.

Go to Settings.
Look for Date and Time and tap it.

Now the first option should say automatically update date and time. If that is check then it means that time will automatically adjust otherwise you just need to check it.


✖ Click on “My Account”
✖ Enter Password
✖ Click on “Edit” Next to Member Settings
✖ Change your Time Zone There

Note, this is not the same setting that calendar uses. so if you`ve moved, you might go to options at calendar.yahoo.com to update that setting as well (people travel and update their calendar more often than their account)



Please make sure that you are using a wifi connection instead of 3g capability. If failing need to get your phone to Samsung service center then they can update it for you. Hope this helps.


Yes I have one also because they are android in fact when you cross a time line they will automatically adjust to the correct time zone via satellite.


You can`t change the date and time, you can only reset it, I just shut it off for a minute and then turn it back on, I did that twice and the second time it was reset.


Its called micro sim you can cut your sim just bring it to technician and tell them to cut it like a micro sim. or buy new one its up to you.

hope it helps,.


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