Will the Kindle Become Obsolete Due to the iPad

By On Sunday, February 4th, 2018 Categories : iPad

Currently, a lot of people are curious if the Kindle will become obsolete due to the introduction of the iPad. Put side by side the sleek iPad, the Amazon Kindle seems to be an antique device from the past. Will Amazon have a problem in the future? Below are several considerations to assess this situation:

Battery Life. This is where the Kindle may have the upper hand. The Kindle uses very little battery power. With a single battery charge in can last around two weeks as long as the wireless connection is not active. The only time the Kindle uses battery power is when a new page from the book is loaded. On the other hand, the iPad must constantly use battery power just to light up the screen.

Black and White vs. Full Color Screen. The iPad certainly wins this category. Since, the Kindle has a black and white screen it is not as striking as the full color experience featured on the iPad. The iPad has more interactive features that the Kindle doesn’t have. These features include detailed maps or video interviews with the book’s author.

Selection. Undoubtedly, iPad owners have a bigger choice of books available to them. This is due to the Kindle ipad App that is available for free for the iPad. Basically, any book available through Kindle will also be available to iPad owners. Additionally, iPad owners will also have a vast section of books available to them through Apple’s deals with various major publishers.

Book Prices. This is another category where iPad users have an advantage. Since iPad users are able to access both Apple’s and Amazon’s collection of titles, they are able to compare prices to get the best deal. Owners of the Kindle will only have the possibility to purchase titles from the Kindle library.

Will the iPad do for Books like what the iPod did for Music? The music industry was in trouble before iTunes. Every year the music industry was losing sales to pirated copies of their songs online. No one had devised a successful business model for selling digital music online. Currently, Apple is the largest music retailer in the world. Can they implement the same business model for digital books? On a small scale, the Amazon Kindle has been successful, but it has never actually gone mainstream. Amazon states that the Kindle is their number one selling product, but it is quite rare to actually meet someone in the street using one. This is quite the similar state of MP3 players before the iPod was introduced. The iPod revolutionized the music industry. Only time will tell if the iPad will do the same.