Working with Visual Effects and Video Syncing Features with iPod Nano 5th Generation

By On Thursday, January 4th, 2018 Categories : iPod Nano
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Not contented with the plain videos in your new iPod Nano? How about adding some visual effects on to each video or movies you have? Well, with the Visual Effect utility of the iPod Nano 5th generation, adding visual effects is made even more promising. Aside from visual effects, you can also sync videos from your iPod gadget to your personal computer.

In this article, you will be taught on how to do either of the two video functions with your iPod nano 5th generation. Let us then, tackle the procedures one by one.

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  • Integrating Visual Effects

If you find your videos seemingly boring to watch, you can try adding some exciting visual effects onto them by utilizing the visual effect utility. Note that the 5th generation nano has 16 visual effects, embedded into the system to allow users do some video transformation according to their preference. To get started, decide what kind of effect or transformation you want to happen on the existing video you wanted to modify. You can choose from several options, including x-ray, sepia or bland and white film, and the security camera tape effect. Those are just three, so you still have twelve options to try on, if in case you are not keen to any of the given three effects.

Once you already have an idea as to what effect you want to utilize for the video, go ahead by getting into the home screen and choose Video Camera. As you hold down the center button of the Clickwheel, you will then be prompted with four selections at a time. In order to scroll through these selections, utilize the Clickwheel. If you found the effect you like, click the center button to confirm your choice. You can view the effects afterward. You can do some modifications if you want.

  • Syncing Videos to PC

If you want to view the videos you created or modified from you iPod device to your computer, you can utilize the syncing video feature of the 5th generation iPod you seize. The process is so simple. You can use the same concept in moving your photos from your iPod to your PC. Doing so, may require you to use other photo management software like the iPhoto, for you to import videos and photos. You too can utilize the enableDiskMode option for you to navigate through your iPod Nano. It works somehow similar to that “disk and drag the video files” available. Such utility would allow you to move video files form the DCIM folder to your PC hard drive.

Minimum System Requirements for the iPod Nano Video Cam (5th generation)

Prior to syncing or moving videos to your PC, be sure to note the following:

  • Your PC should run on any of these platform (Windows XP SP3 or later, Windows Vista, Mac OS X 10.4 or higher version)
  • A USB2 port should be available
  • For Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger), an iPhoto 6.0.6 software is needed. Same thing is required if your PC runs on Mac OSX 10.5 (Leopard or Snow Leopard version).

So, you are now good to go for a try. Make the most out of your 5th generation iPod Nano’s visual effect and video syncing functionality. Create your own visual effects now and synced them into your personal computer, too.

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