World War – 25 Honour Points Free iPod Touch Game App

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World War- 25 Honour points free iPod Touch Game App takes you to the 2010 era, where you will witness nuclear war. Though most of the countries already destroyed yet you need to save your base from destruction. Yes, this is the primary theme of this game.

Wordl War Game

After everything is devastated, the world is left with few superpower countries, now in World War – 25 Honour points free iPod Touch Game App, you will have to decide which superpower you want to be? With more than 1.7 million player of this game, it is one of the most favorite game apps today.

World War 25 Honors iPhone

The World War- 25 Honour points free iPod Touch Game App offers several features like the game is multiplayer, so many players can play at the same time. You get choices of five countries including USA, Germany, UK, Russia and China, to become one of the super powers. Additionally, you get superior quality graphic on your iPod touch.

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World War? - 25 Honor Points FREE!