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WorldCard Contacts iPhone App. Revolving around the world and meeting different people would gain a bunch of business cards. But how of us really manage those contacts? Probably you may got some valuable contacts too, so how to manage those contacts? The answer is simple – WorldCard Contacts app for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

WorldCard Contacts for iPhone or iPad is a neatly designed app, which allows you to easily organize your contacts with any trouble. The best part about WorldCard Contacts iPhone App is their user interface that looks similar to the native iPhone contacts and to some extent it looks better than the native iPhone contacts.

So lets talk in detail about the five tabs found on the iTouch app.

Favorites – This feature can also be called as speed dialing, as the tab is used to mark out your favorite contacts from a bunch of phone contacts. So whats the big deal about it? Well, you get to see bigger pictures of your friends, which is really cool.

Recent – This tab displays the list of recent calls you made through this app, not a noteworthy features, but it certainly replace the native iPhone contacts with every other feature included.

Contacts – WorldCard Mobile has the much needed features and that is the picture of the person next to the contact list. Its really good to see WorldCard Contacts has some needed features, which cannot be seen on iPhone contacts. The contact tab is not just to display your contacts, but actually you can edit those contacts even without leaving the application. I think this is a cool feature that I haven’t seen on other apps , where you need to go to the native iPhone contact app to edit the contacts.

Keypad – Keypad functions allow to make calls similar to the one in the native iPhone app.

Cards – This tab has some features that makes WorldCard Contacts an app worth of buying. So whats that? Its very hard to carry all the business cards with us and merely its impossible to keep a track of it manually. Word Card Contacts allow you to add the business card into your iPhone by taking a picture of it using the inbuild camera functions. Once you cropped the picture, the business card get into the cards library.

WorldCard Mobile comes with a dock options that include Call, SMS, Mail, Web and Map. Using these functions, you can add the telephone numbers, mail address, website and address respectively and this feature greatly helps in getting the most out of business cards.

Additionally the app has an cool search feature, which is quite really fast in find out what you were looking for and overall WorldCard App is a must have app to manage your contacts in a electronic way.

Download WorldCard Contacts App Here.

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