WorldCard Mobile iPhone App Review

By On Friday, February 2nd, 2018 Categories : iphone

Making new connections in business leads to exchange of business cards and its a good practice to exchange business cards. At one point of time, you won’t be able to keep track of business cards and for those who needs to keep of business cards – Penpower Technology has released a business card reader iPhone app Called WorldCard Mobile App.


• The app is made for iPhone 3GS, as 3GS has better quality camera to take good quality pictures.
• For iPhone 3G you need to add additional gadget for improving the quality of camera.
• Sadly for iPod Touch and iPad, you can only use the saved photos.

WorldCard Mobile is one of the widely used business card reader, which recognizes the snapped picture and add it to your contact list. The app functions are pretty simple. Just take a snap of the business card and WorldCard Mobile iPhone App puts it to your contact list. The app uses OCR to scan and save the information as editable text and by default the app has built in recognition of seven popular language English, Dutch, Portuguese, French, Italian, Spanish and German.

The scanned information on the iPhone app shows the cropped image from the card, to know where the information came from the image. Some time the app can produce wrong results and that’s solely because of the angle at which you take snap. To avoid such case always place the business card on a table and hold your firms while taking pictures. A unique feature of WorldCard Mobile was its data entry interface, which resembles exactly like iPhone contacts to make edit or delete entries if necessary.

Finally the WorldCard iPhone 3Gs app was incredible at work and most of the business card which I scanned are accurate. So if you need to manage several business cards of your clients, this app might help you in managing your contacts.

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