Write a letter to your brother infoming him Importace of Lokpal Bill?

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Write a letter to your brother infoming him Importace of Lokpal Bill?. Are You Mr or Mrs own that kind of query?, If do then please get the good feedback right after below:

Answers for this question:

Dear (Name),
How are you? I hope you are keeping well. I got your letter about asking the importance of Lokpal Bill. “Jan Lokpal Bill is also know as the Citizen`s Ombudsman Bill. Prominent social activists were responsible for drafting this bill asking the appointment of an independent body called Jan Lokpal to investigate the corruption cases, conduct the necessary investigation within a span of 1 year and envisaging trial in the case within a span of 1 year. An important feature of Lokpal Bill is the anti-corruption agencies such as CBI, CVC shall be merged with the Lokpal.”
I think the above details are helping you to complete your project about Lokpal Bill.
Your `s Lovingly,


(Name and Address)
(Name and Address)

Dear Sir/ Madam,
My name is (Name). And i am the brother of ( name of the hall ticketholder). He can`t come to college for collecting his hall ticket. Because he is in hospital by suffering cold and fever. So next week i will come to college and buy his hall ticket. I think, you can understand the situation.
thanking you!
Your `s Faithfully,


Dear principal,

i am writing to you today to advice that i am authorizing my brother to do any and all transaction in my name with your school, and as such please note that you can write the cheque due to me under his name. moving forward, i will notify you again in writing if i wish to discontinue this arrangement with you. thank you for your kind consideration on this matter,

your name.


The letter should include a short message to gently remind the patient that the payment is past due. The message could be attached to the bottom of the billing statement. You can just write a short message. Examle: This is just a friendly reminde that your payment of (amount)is overdue. If you havent sent the payment, please do so now.


You should forget about writing a letter and immediately have your brother checked by a doctor so he will be treated as soon as possible. He needs treatment and medication, worry about the ticket next time.


You should inform your insurance company immediately following the death of your brother, along with his death certificate. So sorry to hear that.


Greet your boss professionally, and tell him that you passed your examination.

Jordan D

You need to finish your study bro. thats for your own good ,and also to make you a better life in future.


You just need to write to him according to your feeling. It doesn`t have some rules to obey.