Xenoblade Chronicles X, “Data Packs”

By On Sunday, December 6th, 2015 Categories : Game

Upcoming Xenoblade Chronicles X game looks advance out to be really yummy and this Friday slamming it. If you pre-booked a physical copy of the game you can now download so-called “Data Packs” from Nintendo eShop, as evidenced by a notice like Nintendo Life come across.

Xenoblade Chronicles X

These Xenoblade Chronicles X packages are meant to help you as a player to speed things up. Charge times, though travel and navigation in menus, for example. There are four different packages which are now available for download (Basic Pack, Enemy Pack Silver Pack and Skell pack that is 2 GB, 2.7 GB, 3.6 GB and 1.7 GB in size), this according to NeoGAF .

If you have pre-booked the digital version, you do not download the packages.