Yesterday I`ve accepted a request from my friend on facebook. But I`ve noticed that on the side where it shows online statuses of people, that frie…

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Yesterday I`ve accepted a request from my friend on facebook. But I`ve noticed that on the side where it shows online statuses of people, that frie…. Are You mam has that kind of uncertainty?, If yes then plz check the best answer right after this line:\r\n

Yesterday I ve accepted a request from my friend on facebook. But I ve noticed that on the side where it shows online statuses of people, that friend is never shown online so I went to facebook messenger to check it out. When browsing through my messenger contacts it shows new near that contact like always, everything seems to be normal, but when I click to chat all I see is blank messenger chat window. There s no name of that person and in the middle it says something went wrong, please try again later or something like that. But if I go to contact info by clicking triple dot thing on the right of the contact it shows if the person is or was last seen online. As far as I know if I was blocked by that person, I couldn t visit it s profile, ect but I can, except that strange chat thing. Any ideas?


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It is possible that the person you added was suspended or he deleted his account that is why you cannot access his Facebook Page anymore.
It is possible that he was suspended if he was reported in adding several people he does not know. As you have said, you received the friend request from that person you don`t personally know. It is possible that he also added other people and if those other people he added doesn`t know him too, they could have reported him and Facebook might have suspended or deleted his account.
Be careful in adding people that you do not know.


Hi, some Facebook names are very private and they tend to use the privacy options that can be found in the settings on Facebook. One of the privacy option is not to receive any messages to whom they don`t know. So there is a probability that the person the you are trying to get in touch with will not receive your message but they can still get your friend request and review it.


It is probably just another Facebook issue that they need to fix. You can always ask your friend if they received your friend request. Try checking if the add friend link is still showing on your friends page. If it is then you will have to try adding them again. It should have a check mark by the Friends link in their home page once they have been added successfully.


Hi , try to post a cute profile picture , post nice and positive statuses . ifever he posts a status or picture , push the LIKE button . make little conversations with him whenever you comment on the same status. you will know if he also likes you . goodluck.


Yes, she unfriend u or maybe she blocked u already.. or she click the NOT NOW..instead of confirm.. then she click NO,on the quesion-DO U KNOW THIS PERSON?.. so ucant able to add her again.


You can start your messaging with `hai` or `hai dear` and what you like to call him. Then you can say about current details and about his family , job, working place, living place etc.


She might have blocked you from her Facebook. Call you friend and ask her if she did block you.

Thank you for your question. Hope this helps, and have a great day!


Your blocked because the friend request you sent have been gone unanswered. from now on do not add person you don`t know, just wait for 30 days to unblock it.


Just start with a greetings. then how are you. and go on from there. just dont come too strong. just be yourself.


You need to check ur settings or make ur profile in public mode.