YouTube Music: why and for whom

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That is tendency to use YouTube as a music player header is a fact, there is more to look up if we go by public transport or the situation may come to us when a friend used the service to show what the song it has hit. YouTube has decided to launch Google Music, a new service that has dyes previously had two already. Who are you looking to meet?

YouTube talk about itself and Google Play Music, but has well over first. The app yesterday launched the technology giant intended to be our primary means of music or video clips to discover the wide range making use of YouTube, which is why the interface has two tabs to select and one of them is Explore.

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Google is emphasizing its catalog as strong this service. In practical terms what he has done is spend YouTube strainer Play Music for there to be only such content and that the user has available more directly to the official material obtained both these services so as to competition ( as Spotify or Apple Music) as well as direct, acoustic and other materials that artists uploaded to YouTube.

youtube music

Content is the king

Google bought YouTube in 2006 and with it bought internet media. Although it may not be assuming expected profits, service, a hybrid video streaming and social networking it has become popular markedly. In the official statistics we can see data like time display (which users spend watching videos) increased by 60% last year, the fastest growth observed by point.

Another interesting fact is that there are many users who prefer to pull content to YouTube before resorting to cable television (speaking of the United States). With more time for displays, a mobile revenues doubling from one year to another and the fact that YouTube is “killing” television is not surprising that in Mountain View bet for this new service is a direct link to content network in the form of app.

What we have seen in the United States is not an isolated incident, and in fact we saw a few weeks ago when a study showed that in Spain it is increasingly common to use the phone while watching TV, and time spent with mobile is increasing.

While there are many uses that dominate this time, the more services are made available more likely it is that the content arrives, and this is something more fuel to the fire of this war in which content providers long have same at various levels.

The Battle of the presence

We saw a few days ago with Notify. Facebook launched its own news service to its millions of users do not go to the garden of the neighbor to seek what can be grown in your own garden, and before Moments of Twitter among others presented their alternative. The music (audio only) is a ring in which there are already seasoned fighters like Spotify and new ones like Apple Music stomping, and that Google also has its featherweight.

YouTube Music is an attempt to clear his throat to streaming music industry but being a double-edged sword to not only audio

Hence YouTube Music is an attempt to clear his throat to this sector but being a double-edged sword to be not just audio. And also pull the resource that the service “knows” the user, something very popular in Spotify are lists and suggestions that the service is offering as the user leaves their preferences clear. A resource that also pulls Apple Music healing well content, and this, the fact that automatically provide content according to user preferences is one of the highlights of YouTube Music.

The audiovisual artillery Google

Direct smartphone with popular name and offering the right differentiating component. So the ultimate weapon of Google forming a brick in that bastion of content consisting of Google Play Music and YouTube with its derivative as subscription services, YouTube Network (for $ 9.99 per month) is presented, offering a combo with it to get rid of advertising and download content to play offline also on YouTube Music.

More presence and a way for the direct benefit increase (through subscriptions). An app that does not seek to replace but to complement what you already have Google and seeks to be the first choice for today’s consumer Youtube as music source. So, it is available for iOS and Android for free and so far only in the US Store, offering full free version of the service for 14 days promotional way. Since the company has not been ruled on what date it will be coming to other countries, so we have to wait for further announcements on their part.

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